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House Rules

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  • Pealer Hall is a smoke free facility.  Smoking is allowed outside the building only.



  • We are strong advocates of responsible drinking.  You are welcome to serve alcohol at your event.  However, the sale of alcohol on the Pealer Hall premises is strictly forbidden unless carried out by an entity licensed to sell alcohol off-premises.  Proof of license must be submitted to Pealer Hall 30 days prior to your event.


Food and Catering

  • You are welcome to bring in food for your event or have a caterer provide the food.  Caterers must be professionally licensed by the state of Pennsylvania, provide proof of liability insurance, and be pre-approved by Pealer Hall. 


      If you would like to contract with a caterer we can help you make arrangements.

  • We do not provide dishes or cutlery.  You will need to supply these yourself or arrange with an outside vendor or caterer to use theirs.  We can provide resources for this service if needed.

Kitchen Usage

  • You are welcome to use any utensils and small equipment we have on hand, but we cannot guarantee that all necessary cooking and serving implements will be available.  Renter or caterer is responsible for providing all necessary equipment.

  • Kitchen usage protocol:

    • Please leave the kitchen clean, and be sure to take with you everything you brought in.

    • Before leaving please

      • Turn off the stove, exhaust fan and lights

      • Wash all dishes and utensils used, dry and put away

      • Clean out sinks and drains

      • Return all equipment to its proper location

      • Wipe down all countertops, surfaces and appliances

      • Remove all trash and recycling

      • Sweep the floor


  • You are welcome to supply your own decoration within the following guidelines:

    • Please do not make any hole in or marking on the walls.  If you would like to hang items from the picture rail, please submit a plan 2 weeks prior to your event so that we can be sure it can be executed safely.

    • Please use LED candles.  Open flame candles are not permitted.

    • We do not provide tablecloths.  Please see the resource section of our website for table cloth rentals.



  • You are responsible for cleaning up after your event and leaving it in the same condition you found it.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Clear and remove from the space all personal items, including decorations and leftover food.

    • Collect and remove all trash and recyclables.

    • Collect and remove debris and trash from parking lot and sidewalks around building. 

    • Sweep the floors of the main room and the kitchen.

    • Turn off all lights before leaving the building.  Refer to the light switch guide in the kitchen.

  • If you would rather not handle the clean-up yourself, we can arrange for a cleaning service for an additional $50.


Climate Control       

  • We will set the heat/air conditioning to a comfortable level for your event.  Do not attempt to adjust the temperature of the room.


Equipment for Events/Meetings

  • You are responsible for bringing in any audio visual equipment required for your event.  We do not currently have any equipment available for use.


Events Involving Children

  • All events with children in attendance must have adequate adult supervision.



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