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Our Facilities

Main Room

  • The main room is a rectangle measuring 44’ long and 23’ wide. Ceilings are 11.5’ high, and top of the picture rail is 10’ high.



  • Pealer Hall can accommodate up to 64 people seated banquet style.  Total occupancy is limited to 85.


  • The following are included in your rental of the space:

          o    Tables – (2) eight-foot standard banquet tables and (8) 60” round banquet tables
          o    70 chairs

  • You are responsible for setting up and arranging tables and chairs for your event.



  • Pealer Hall has two unisex restrooms available, one of which is ADA compliant.

                                                    Handicapped Accessibility

  • Pealer Hall is fully handicapped accessible.  The handicapped entrance is on the side of the building facing the parking lot.  There is one designated handicapped parking spot facing the parking lot entrance, and a handicapped ramp.  There is one ADA compliant restroom.




  • We do not currently have a sound system available.  You are welcome to use your own.



  • Pealer Hall has a “warming” kitchen available for use during events.  It is equipped with a 4-burner electric stovetop and oven, refrigerator and 3-bay sink.  The warming kitchen can only be used for staging and plating food that has been prepared elsewhere.  Food preparation is not permitted in our kitchen.


  • Parking is available behind the building.  There are approximately (20) spaces for event use. Entrance to the parking lot is on Main Street and exit is on Railroad Street.  Please do not block the entrance or exit to the parking lot, and please do not park in the spots reserved for apartment tenants.

  • There is one handicapped parking spot available opposite the handicapped entrance.



  • Pealer Hall is a smoke free facility.  Smoking is allowed outside the building only.



  • We are strong advocates of responsible drinking.  You are welcome to serve alcohol at your event.  However, the sale of alcohol on the Pealer Hall premises is strictly forbidden unless carried out by an entity licensed to sell alcohol off-premises.  Proof of license must be submitted to Pealer Hall 30 days prior to your event.


                                                            Food and Catering 


  • You are welcome to bring in food for your event or have a caterer provide the food.  Caterers must be professionally licensed by the state of Pennsylvania, provide proof of liability insurance, and be pre-approved by Pealer Hall.  

      If you would like to contract with a caterer we can help you make arrangements.

  • We do not provide dishes, cutlery, or table linens.  You will need to supply these yourself or arrange with an outside vendor or caterer to use theirs.  We can provide resources for these services if needed.



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